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Starting Point is a six-week gathering where questions about God turn into conversations about faith.

If it's a question you have, it's probably a question someone else has, too. At Starting Point, you can freely ask questions, discuss doubts and explore even the trickiest or more confusing topics of faith, free from any pressure or judgment.

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Our lives, our relationships, our education, our careers - we all start somewhere, but we often forget that faith has a starting point as well. By the time we’re adults, most of us have already made up our minds about faith, and sometimes the faith we form, or the faith we inherit, doesn’t exactly stack up to the pressures we feel in our lives.

But what if it were possible to explore faith freely, without fear or pressure or embarrassment? What if you could ask the questions that we all have, without wondering if you should or shouldn't? What if it were possible for you to completely wipe the slate clean and take a first step in a brand new walk of faith?

Well, it is possible, and we're inviting you to do it.

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